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Kate Humble: Living with Nomads – BBC
July 3, 2015

From the BBC: Kate Humble travels deep into the southern Gobi Desert in Mongolia to live with an extended family of cashmere goat and yak herders. Here in the seemingly barren wastes of Asia’s largest desert, nomads have lived cheek by jowl with nature for centuries. Chimid, the 78-year-old mother of ten, welcomes Kate into…

From National Geographic: Hazen Audel travels to Mongolia to take on the Altai Mountains with the Kazakh eagle hunters. Even though these mountains stretch a thousand miles across four countries in East Central Asia, the sprawling land is barren of life in the winter with temperatures plummeting to -40F at night and buffeting blizzards that…


“The Sopranos” Actor turned National Geographic Young Explorer- Chris Bashinelli, traded in his motorcycle for horseback on this adventure to prove himself a man within the oldest nomadic culture on Earth. This 26-year-old Brooklyn native was battered as a Bökh wrestler, thrown off horseback, gulped down fermented mare’s milk and grinded it out as a nomad in Mongolia.

Harrods Magazine – Mongolia
November 3, 2014

Panoramic Fixers organised all the ground logistics in Mongolia for Harrods Magazine’s October 2014  cover story, as well as a feature for their menswear issue. The resulting photos are stunning. Browse the full Harrods Magazine Mongolia issue here, with the cover story from page 81:   Browse the full menswear issue, with our Mongolian feature from…

Life Story with David Attenborough- BBC
November 3, 2014

Panoramic Fixers arranged all the logistics for the BBC’s Life Story team in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.  The object of the program was to capture the lesser spotted long-eared jerboa, whose huge ears provide them with astonishingly good hearing to help them to survive through infancy. This fact alone posed quite a challenge, as the tiny creatures would…

River Monsters – Animal Planet/Icon Films
March 18, 2014

Extreme angler Jeremy Wade travelled to Mongolia in search of the legendary hucho taimen as part of the 4th series of River Monsters. Panoramic Journeys joined forces with our friends at Fish Mongolia to provide the logistics for their shoot on the Delger River, Northern Mongolia. River Monsters Official Site 

Take Me to the Edge – Virgin 1
March 18, 2014

We arranged a film shoot, again with Ginger Productions, with climber Leo Houlding and “recruits” who travelled through Bhutan facing various challenges for the cameras. They leaped through a burning arch with pilgrims at Jambay Druk festival, walked backwards up to the magnificent Taktsang monastery with monks and embarked on a grueling trek. Read one of the…

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